Insta Tax

The Insta-Tax program was designed to make filing your taxes as easy as possible. We know how important your time is, and how frustrating it can be waiting to get into your tax office. Our Insta-Tax solves this problem by gathering your tax information through modern technology. We complete your return while you are at work, home, or spending time with your family. We will give your return the attention to detail that it deserves by looking line by line for deductions and credits. We may text you if we need additional information.

Two Easy Step To Tax Preparation

Step 1- Fill out the intake form, simply read and sign the others. Once you hit submit, we will receive your forms in office and will begin processing within 24 hours.

Step 2- We will contact you with any questions or suggestions. Once your return is completed we will contact you with the results, and wait for permission to electronically file it. Once filed, a copy of your return will be emailed to you.  


Chi Ching

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Tax Preparation Services

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